What is the Meaning of DP?

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What is the meaning of DP? Learn what is the meaning of Facebook DP? Find meaning of Whatsapp DPs here with detail?

Meaning Of DP

Are you using any social media network for grabbing more online friends and colleagues? If you your answer is yes! then it’s must to know the regular terms and important abbreviation of different basic social media uses and methods etc. So know matters that which kind of social website you are using either it’s Facebook or Whatsapp, all time on at least each network you must need to use a image of your self for the identity or representation of your looks or personality. So in simple worlds when ever you put a photo on your social media profile which every one knows that called “Profile Picture” so in shorten word this profile picture is also called on social sites “DP”.

Actually its name it self present and tell it’s story which is easily understandable because “DP” abbreviation is “Display Picture”. Display Picture. It was utilized as a part of the beginning of internet informing. Profile Picture is the new term presented by Facebook. The individuals who began utilizing web from the old days gets used to the term DP, so they are not utilizing “Profile picture”.

So now these days normally every person ask to others that who’s you looking in DP so that i may easily recognize you and send a friend request. So the word DP is became many popular in that modern time in Facebook and Whatsapp users. Hope the article will clear your thoughts about DP abbreviation and meaning of DP, so if you think it’s really helps you then do not forget to share the post with your friends.

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